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Side hinged doors are a great alternative to more traditional types of doors, offering opportunities that other types of doors simply can not afford. Simple operation is easy to maintain over the years, and timeless designs ensure that the Side Hinged door offers years of worry-free service.

Increased demand for side hinged doors in King’s Lynn has driven manufacturers to offer a wider variety of designs, finishes and materials, allowing you to find the right side hinged door for you.

Side Hung Garage Doors

Materials and Styles

Side Hinged doors are offered in Steel, Timber and GRP. Adapted bi-fold aluminium systems are available from some manufacturers.

Timber: Doors may be designed to complement existing structural structures or to create a striking statement. A variety of wood choices adds to the range of options available, based on a set of standard designs. Timber choices include Cedarwood, Idigbo, Accoya, Oak and more, offering a modern or traditional feel, depending on your preference.

Steel: There is a wide range of modern and trendy designs available, as well as a number of front surface effects and glazing options for double-skinned doors. Double steel doors are the ultimate option for security specifications, with numerous security upgrades and doors with official safety ratings available.

GRP: GRP can be a great choice if you want to build the appearance of wood while there is no rotting, decay or warping.

Purpose-made doors can be made up to around 10 feet x 8 feet, with anything above those dimensions requiring heavy-duty hinges to withstand additional weight.

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We only supply the highest quality wood for our doors, as lower grade timber greatly reduces the durability and stability of doors, particularly in the infamous weather of the United Kingdom.

We suggest Cedarwood or Idigbo or an eniginated Oak for long-lasting durability. These materials are strong and, once treated, are ideal for resistance to variable weather conditions.

As well as material choices, a number of designed furniture options are available, both in traditional and contemporary styles. Furniture choices for Steel and GRP doors are slightly more limited, but still, feature purpose-built sizes and window options. Panelled designs are typical to single-skin steel doors and cost considerably less than wood equivalents. As well as this, there are more style options for double-skinned steel doors.

Designer Doors

Similar to Sectional Doors – Side Hinged doors have seen an increase in demand for designer features. These elements will provide a sleek and eye-catching look, either overlay or inlay with a door design. Coloured elements and stainless steel options are available to customise side hinged garage doors, providing a truly ‘designer’ look.


Side-hinged garage doors are available in a 50/50 split or 1/3 to 2/3 opening ratio. The latter choice is a great solution for garages requiring regular pedestrian access; ideal for cyclists or storage.


Although steel side hinged doors are typically produced in standard sizes, wooden doors are usually designed for purpose and can therefore be manufactured to your exact specifications. If the opening is made of uncut stonework, the scribed wood subframe fits well with the existing structure.

Side Hinged doors also offer a perfect option for garages with small headroom dimensions, as doors open horizontally. These doors are also suitable for garages that are fitted with interlocking shelving or are fitted with obstructions such as pipework and gas metres. Since the doors do not need tracks or panels that protrude into the garage, the maintenance requirements for these doors are minimal. Lack of lifting gears ensures that there are considerably fewer moving parts than other types of garage doors. No springs, wires or gears to be maintained or replaced at all.

Drive-through measurements are also maximised (assuming doors can be opened beyond 90 °) in both width and height. Side Hinged doors are also a perfect option for garages with restricted length and width measurements as normal doors open outwards. They can also be placed on the outside, with some flashing and covers to keep water from entering. Outside fitting gives the greatest possible drive-through dimensions if this is of particular concern.

Electric Operation

In comparison to common opinion, side hinged doors can be easily automated! Most of the boom-style electrical operators can operate when paired with a swing-arm conversion package. Our expert installations allow the first door leaf to enter the home (closed) location just before the second leaf, as this closes doors with added protection. Also, remember to instal a manual release when the Side Hinged door is the only way to get in and out of the garage.

A powerful operating system is recommended as Side Hinged doors can be affected by windy conditions that need to be considered. Newer generations of electrical operators are constantly controlling the door at various levels, constantly factoring in safety features. Seip, Marantec, Cardale, Hormann and Somfy are all examples of operators with such characteristics.

Hydraulic or mechanical door operator technology is also a choice for Side Hinged door automation, and we instal them on a regular basis when the garage has ample headroom space. The operators used are either piston-style rams or articulated arms, as well as top-mounted arms similar to those you would see in retail stores. These units are highly efficient, suitable for regular use, yet running softly and smoothly for years to come.

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Are Timber Side Hinged Doors Made To Order?

More often than not, the wood side hinged doors are made to order, yes. We do have some regular single-width sizes for some designs, but in the main, they are designed to measure with no extra charge for the very best installation.

We sell two main types of wood side hinged garage door and matching side doors-One type is built using a box section steel chassis in which the timber design is inserted, and this also requires the use of a steel subframe system for complete ease of installation as the doors are pre-hung in a subframe ready to be mounted directly to the structural opening. The other type is made using conventional mortice, and tenon wood jointing methods and a much more varied range of styles and choices are available.

All of our wooden garage doors are made of either cedarwood, Oak or Idigbo, with cedarwood being the lightest and most durable wood with excellent weather resistance in the UK. We don’t sell cheaper lower quality redwood or pine style side hinged doors as we’ve found that they have too short a life span when checked in the past.

We give a complete package with our wood hinged doors, furniture, lock, handle, subframe fixing and even a completely finished factory, if necessary from a wide range of colours.

Are subframes different on side hinged garage doors?

Generally, it is correctly specified that indeed, the decreased edge is included for the best possible seal when closed.

For the majority of steel, GRP wood and double-skinned insulated steel side hinged doors, we sell the fixing subframes with a recessed edge to serve as a stop when the door leaf is closed making the best possible seal between the panel and the frame as you would see on your front door frame, also with a weather seal also built-in.

If you don’t have this lip, you’d have a nasty gap around the door panels, and the panels might also be a little rattly depending on the hinges used. Always make sure that you buy side hinged doors with a recessed frame, whether in steel, aluminium or wood and preferably with a weather seal built-in.

Our hinged pedestrian side doors also have this feature for the best sealing and safety.

Can I add an electric operator to side hinged doors?

Yes, the only real constraint is that they are less than 3 metres wide in total and are made with adequate strength in the panels to prevent too much flex.

We sell many remote control systems for side hinged garage doors and, in particular, the most cost-effective way is to use a high-quality, high-powered standard boom-type electrical operator coupled with a swing door conversion package.

The package is really just two steel rods that push and pull the door leaves to the top edge as needed to open and close the doors. The doors are kept closed and locked by the user so that any lock or latch mechanism can not be removed or disabled.

The remote control operator is placed just above the doors, and the typical unit is approximately 3200 mm in length and is supported in 1 or 2 positions within the roof of the garage. The conversion kit is mounted to the operator’s sliding carriage device to make a simple push and pull of the door leaves with one leaf moving ahead of the other to take care of any recessed and overlapping door panels.

This kind of device is very effective and has proper safety detection already built-in much like a regular up and over door so that when one or both of the door leaves are blocked, the door stops and reverses to prevent harm or injury.

Are the Woodrite timber side hinged doors better than other timber doors?

In short, yes, it is. For the simple cedar, range provided wood quality, and the finishing is as good as you can get with wood with all parts pre-treated until the door is built for the best safety in the long term.

Woodrite wooden doors are built to create the best wooden garage doors for both side hinged and up and over ranges, and all the professional personnel involved in the main have been involved in the manufacture of wooden doors for many years before.

Woodrite side hinged doors are made of either Cedar or Idigbo wood as standard and are chosen from the best available grades. The doors are manufactured in traditional carpentry methods and are supplied with all the requisite hardware and lock as standard in a variety of styles. It is recommended that you always have a factory finish in one of several colour choices. The doors are supplied as usual in a base coat stain for further finishing on site.

The level of detail is what sets wooden doors apart from others with fine detailing in the mouldings of the door making all the difference as well as perfectly matched wooden subframes created by cladding either softwood or wooden cedar frames to ensure that the match is perfect once handled. Standard wood subframes can not be made of cedar and are usually redwood or red meranti, which do not dye a cedar of the same colour unless they are absolutely black.

Can I have insulated side hinged ‘swing type’ garage doors?

Yeah, you can, and they’re very well insulated and safe, too.

We can supply insulated steel side hinged garage doors made of 40 mm thick double-skinned galvanised steel panel sections made to order and manufactured with an aluminium portion subframe for direct fixing to the garage opening.

The Carteck GSW40-L range of side hinged doors is available in 8 different designs and also in a wood grain or smooth surface finish.

A number of regular colours are available as well as laminate wood grain finishes.

Each door is designed to order for the best fit and has rubber seals on the top and sides as standard with optional thresholds to the bottom also available with a weather seal built-in for the best in weather safety and insulation.

You may also provide a 2/3rd, and 1/3rd partition on the door leaves to give the true pedestrian door access on one side to make access even easier if it is often used on foot.

Insulated side hinged garage doors provide the best choice for a garage used for workshop, gym, playroom, office and so on, with simple pedestrian access and no internal mechanism at all to hinder the interior space.


We will uninstall your current garage door and dispose of it so that you will not have to. We aim to recycle as many of the old model and parts as we can, doing our best and guarantee that it is responsibly disposed of. If you would like to keep it then you can, it’s entirely your choice.

Yes, we can indeed. All of the garage doors we supply are available in either single or double door models. You’ll have a wide choice, matching styles and a range of colours to choose from.

Some of our garage door models have different window shapes. Some even have dummy-glazing, stippolyte or transparent perspex. When you book a consultation, we can show you all of the designs we have available, and you can then choose the door that’s best suits you and your needs and requirements.

No, all of the garage doors we supply are designed to suit your personalised specifications in order to get the right garage door for your home or property. As no one door is the same, we don’t offer one size fits all garage doors. We strive to offer you the best doors that are the most appropriate for your property.

For shorter driveways, roller garage doors and sectional garage doors are ideal as they roll up into the roof of the garage without limiting space outside or inside the property.

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