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trojon garage doors

With over 20 years of experience, Trojon is a renowned British manufacturer, operating from a purpose-built UK factory in the East Midlands, whose reputation is built on market-leading products and outstanding customer service.

Trogon Roller Doors

trojon roller garage doors

All Trojon roller doors are crafted in-house by Trojon, using high-quality materials and reliable techniques. When built, your Trojon roller door will have low maintenance requirements, giving you full peace of mind and durability.

Addressing the need for unrivalled protection and enhanced insulation, all Trojon doors feature the latest industry-specific technologies and safety features while being available in a wide range of colours and finishes for attractive appearance and ease of use.

What Makes A Trojon Door?

Individually designed to the highest industry standards, the Trojon roller door complies with the current European regulations/directives and is completely CE certified.

Trojon’s design has developed over many years and is a genuinely specialised product that ensures that they remain pioneers in their sector. Only the highest quality goes into every door, giving them total control of our product and ensuring that you as the customer are completely satisfied from start to finish.

Trojon Garage Door – Standard Features

Below are only a few of the features that are common on all Trojon Roller Doors.

Made to Measure

Custom crafted from start to finish to suit your opening perfectly, providing maximum protection, weather proofing and insulation.

Variety of Finishes

Available in a wide range of finishes and fittings, the Trojon door can optimise appeal and enhance the look of your property.

Safety System

Security first – The new self-check security edges are standard on all Trojon doors.

Safety Brake

Security first – The new CE-approved safety brakes come as standard.

Premium Heavy Duty Guides

Thick aluminium extruded brush lined guides provide protection, reliability and smooth operation – available in 75 mm or 95 mm.

Manual Override

In the event of an emergency or power failure, all Trojon doors are fitted with a manual override (crank handle).

Modern Technology

Only the most renowned industry-standard control unit and operating equipment are standard-fitted.

Insulated Profile

The insulated profile is used in the entire curtain to help preserve and regulate temperatures.

Full Curtain Roll Box

Full boxes are standard on all Trojon roller doors, allowing the box to be fitted externally whilst maintaining the durability and remaining secure.


Brush lined guides resist cold draughts and maintain temperature, whilst the bottom slat rubber seal prevents water ingress.


We will uninstall your current garage door and dispose of it so that you will not have to. We aim to recycle as many of the old model and parts as we can, doing our best and guarantee that it is responsibly disposed of. If you would like to keep it then you can, it’s entirely your choice.

Yes, we can indeed. All of the garage doors we supply are available in either single or double door models. You’ll have a wide choice, matching styles and a range of colours to choose from.

Some of our garage door models have different window shapes. Some even have dummy-glazing, stippolyte or transparent perspex. When you book a consultation, we can show you all of the designs we have available, and you can then choose the door that’s best suits you and your needs and requirements.

No, all of the garage doors we supply are designed to suit your personalised specifications in order to get the right garage door for your home or property. As no one door is the same, we don’t offer one size fits all garage doors. We strive to offer you the best doors that are the most appropriate for your property.

For shorter driveways, roller garage doors and sectional garage doors are ideal as they roll up into the roof of the garage without limiting space outside or inside the property.

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