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Gliderol provides high-quality, simple and secure garage doors and has therefore been supplied and fitted by us for some time. Although Gliderol now sells a variety of domestic and industrial roller shutter doors as well as sectional doors, Domestic Garage Door Services supplies Gliderol doors because they were the only manufacturer in the UK to produce a single sheet roller garage door.

Originally a popular design in Australia, steel doors are simple, efficient and inexpensive and have been tested and tested for over 30 years. Gliderol now has a great deal of experience, product-specific expertise and a much wider range of doors.

Their doors, which are available for home use, are available in an excellent variety of colours, designs and finishes, which ensures that they are able to suit your taste and the appearance of your home.

Please see below to see the types of doors you need to discover the best choices for your garage.

Continuous Steel Curtain Roller Door

Special to Gliderol, the continuous roller curtain door is a single sheet of steel that rolls up neatly and vertically, providing an easy but safe solution at the entrance to your garage.

As well as the steel door providing minimal maintenance, the aluminium bottom rail and the double-sided locking mechanism (not supplied on automatic doors) ensure that you also have a powerful and stable door.

With the option of equipping your Gliderol Curtain Roller Door with a remote control operator, you would be able to quickly open your garage.

Insulated Automatic Roller Door

Gliderol insulated automatic roller Garage Doors

Gliderol ‘s choice of insulated roller doors ensures that you keep your home warm in a sleek manner; by selecting an automatic or manual door, access to your garage door depends on your personal preferences.

Gilderol’s Insulated Roller Doors are fitted with an alarm and spring-loaded steel locking straps to discourage unwanted intruders and to protect them from all weather conditions.

There is a hand crank that can be used to open the door if the power does not allow you to. You can also hook up your automated garage door to your smartphone through the ‘My Hand’ app, these doors have been manufactured solely for your convenience.

Sectional Garage Door

gliderol sectional garage doors

Gliderol’s sectional garage doors are guaranteed to be sturdy, stable doors. As well as being defiant to all weather conditions, the door is made up of 40 mm thick panels and has a U value of 1.35, ensuring that your garage is insulated.

Gliderol offers an excellent selection of patterns and colours to match your property; they also give buyers the option of adding decorative windows to allow natural light into the garage.

Gliderol Up & Over Garage Doors

If you are looking for a timeless and reliable choice, then Gliderol’s up and over garage doors are a must. YOu can choose your style, colour and you’ll have a strong, secure garage door that will stand the test of time. These doors require very little maintenance which is also a bonus. Our team is available to help you make the best choice if you aren’t sure – get in touch with us to find out more.


We will uninstall your current garage door and dispose of it so that you will not have to. We aim to recycle as many of the old model and parts as we can, doing our best and guarantee that it is responsibly disposed of. If you would like to keep it then you can, it’s entirely your choice.

Yes, we can indeed. All of the garage doors we supply are available in either single or double door models. You’ll have a wide choice, matching styles and a range of colours to choose from.

Some of our garage door models have different window shapes. Some even have dummy-glazing, stippolyte or transparent perspex. When you book a consultation, we can show you all of the designs we have available, and you can then choose the door that’s best suits you and your needs and requirements.

No, all of the garage doors we supply are designed to suit your personalised specifications in order to get the right garage door for your home or property. As no one door is the same, we don’t offer one size fits all garage doors. We strive to offer you the best doors that are the most appropriate for your property.

For shorter driveways, roller garage doors and sectional garage doors are ideal as they roll up into the roof of the garage without limiting space outside or inside the property.

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