Garador Garage Doors

garador garage doors

With 70 years of experience and knowledge, Garador is one of the UK’s oldest garage door manufacturers; today they sell a wide variety of door mechanisms for a range of different entrance and garage doors including Up & Over, Side-hinged, Sectional, and Roller doors – all with different features and additional extras available.

You can read about the kinds of garage doors manufactured by Garador below. We also provide garage door repair, maintenance and servicing of Garador garage doors.

Garador Up & Over Garage Doors

garador up and over garage doors

Garador’s Up & Over garage doors come in a variety of ribbed and panelled styles and come in steel, GRP or timber finishes. There are two types of timber doors: the Solid Cedar range and the Elizabethan range, the doors are made of plywood and solid red cedar. The GRP doors are made in either white or wood finishes, which ensures your door design is suited to your home and personal taste preferences.

Garador Side Hinged Garage Doors

Garador side hinged garage doors

Garadors’ side hinged doors are reliable, conventional garage doors consisting of either steel or wooden materials with convenient pedestrian access. They are produced with identical leaves, with the right leaf leading as usual – other leaf configurations can be dealt with on request.

Side-hinged doors make it possible to maximise your garage capacity as it opens outwards, without compromising wall space or utility equipment. Fitted with weather seals and two-bolt latches, your garage door is sure to secure itself from intrusive weather conditions or burglaries.

Garador Roller Garage Doors

garador roller garage doors

Garador roller doors are designed to provide you with a comfortable and space-saving entrance to your garage. Made from insulated aluminium laths – roller doors are controlled electronically to allow easy access as they raise and roll over the door vertically to allow space to be saved in your garage. The roller sheets are simple to maintain; they look modern and elegant and are available in a range of colours, finishes and wood-effect coatings.

Garador Sectional Garage Doors

Garador’s sectional garage doors lift up vertically when raised, enabling driveway space and access for larger vehicles. If you’re using your garage to store your car or for other domestic purposes, the sectional doors are made of either single skin or thermally insulated parts to suit your function.

A number of colours, finishes and designs can make it possible for any customer to be happy – not only with the comfort – but also with the appearance of Garador’s Sectional Doors.

Garador Pedestrian Doors

As well as making great garage doors, Garador is now making pedestrian side doors.

Most useful when you need fast and simple access to your garage and don’t want to waste time opening a complete garage door, these doors are a useful feature for many properties. This is especially useful if you use your garage for anything other than car storage, such as a gym, an office, or more.

Garador Entrance Doors

The Garadors range of FrontGuard door entrance doors are among the most sophisticated entrance doors available today. There is a large variety of models and styles that range from beautifully traditional to sleek and trendy, and all of them have secure Accreditation Obtained.

The doors are all built on an aluminium frame with a 12-point lock. The doors are specifically designed to reduce heat loss and have multi-point locking to provide extra protection. The FrontGuard range is all built with shatterproof glazing. The outside pane is a laminated safety glass, while the inside pane is a safety glass.

All doors are available in a wide variety of styles and colours.


We will uninstall your current garage door and dispose of it so that you will not have to. We aim to recycle as many of the old model and parts as we can, doing our best and guarantee that it is responsibly disposed of. If you would like to keep it then you can, it’s entirely your choice.

Yes, we can indeed. All of the garage doors we supply are available in either single or double door models. You’ll have a wide choice, matching styles and a range of colours to choose from.

Some of our garage door models have different window shapes. Some even have dummy-glazing, stippolyte or transparent perspex. When you book a consultation, we can show you all of the designs we have available, and you can then choose the door that’s best suits you and your needs and requirements.

No, all of the garage doors we supply are designed to suit your personalised specifications in order to get the right garage door for your home or property. As no one door is the same, we don’t offer one size fits all garage doors. We strive to offer you the best doors that are the most appropriate for your property.

For shorter driveways, roller garage doors and sectional garage doors are ideal as they roll up into the roof of the garage without limiting space outside or inside the property.

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